Our Services

At JC Moving, we work 365 Days/Year!

Our professional moving services continue to be used by our clients for many years, as they continue to place their trust on us. Our goal is to treat our customers with honesty and professionalism, while still providing competitive and very affordable prices.

We offer all types of materials to make your move painless

We take all the necessary materials to your home for a successful moving experience

Things that you frequently might forget about

Make Sure you Plan Your Move in Advance.

Call in advance

Don’t ask to move overnight, call at least a week or 15 days in advance. Do not hire the first company you call – unless you have done business with them before – ask for a quote from at least 2 to 3 serious companies.

Prepare what you’re going to move

The cost of a move is made with the volume and weight of the objects to be moved. A local move without packing service can be charged per hour. Do not forget to do a pre-cleaning and write it down in a detailed inventory.

Calculate the Vehicle SIZE
You Need for Your Move

It’s very important to contact an experienced company, as they offer different options to help you choose the right size vehicle.   🙂